Terms & Conditions

Affricanzone Terms & Conditions

Affricanzone services use its own terms when selling all our products. When selling products through our vendors, the terms and policy may change slightly based on vendor’s own policy.


All contents, images, buttons, products and any material on this site belong to Affricanzone or our third party vendors. Copying any images, contents and digital materials of Affricanzone and/or vendor is highly prohibited. Affricanzone and/or third party vendor’s materials are protected with copyright laws of the United States and international laws.

Affricanzone online multivendor store holds the right to link, add, advertise and use third party vendor materials; such us images, contents, digital materials and products in order to sell through our online store.

Customer / Seller Account

You may access our online store as a guest when accessing the website as a customer only. For secure and fast checkouts, a customer may create an Affricanzone account with us. The customer is responsible to keep their login information confidential at all times. Affricanzone is not responsible for any activities happened under the customers account, and the customer is responsible for all payments, product purchases and mailing address changes. Affricanzone and/or vendors sell products for children but it sells the products to parents and/or guardians. If the customer is under the age of 18 years old, parents are required to buy the products for the underage customer, or give permission to use their payment method. Seller accounts will be reviewed and maintained closely through our team members of Affricanzone. Detecting any false information in the seller account will result in an immediate account suspension. Sellers are required to register the right contact information, shipping information, product information and its own policy if any. Sellers are required to post at least 2 items in their seller account in order their account to be enabled. Seller is responsible for all products sold under their accounts, and hold the right resolve the issues with the customers. Affricanzone will hold all information’s of customer and/or seller privately and securely. All personal information given to Affricanzone and third party vendors are only used for payment and shipping methods only.

Comments, reviews and communications

All customers and third party vendors are encouraged to leave comments, review products/vendors and communicate with Affricanzone team or third party vendors. All comments, reviews, and communications will be reviewed in a timely manner and response will be given if it is necessary. These comments should not be illegal, threatening, has political side, indecent, offensive of privacy, and harmful to third party vendors. Comments, reviews, and communications that consist political disturbance, marketable solicitation, software viruses, mass mailings, or any kind of spam are highly prohibited. Customers and sellers may not use false name, email, phone number and/or address in any case when communicating with Affricanzone or vendors. Affricanzone reserves the right to edit, removes, disable or cancel products, membership, and contents of customer/ vendors that are trying to impersonate someone else.

Returns and Refunds

Affricanzone does not refund or return products when sold unless the product is damaged before arrival, wrong shipment of item in our end, or third party vendors misstate on their end. Under the mentioned conditions above, Affricanzone and third party vendors can resend items and exchange products. Customers are required to ship wrong and/or damaged items back to the seller before exchanging or sending the product. Since Affricanzone and third party vendors do not refund, customers should send email regarding the item with 2 – 3 days in order to be eligible for exchanges. Affricanzone is responsible for complaints about products after 3 days of arrival.


Affricanzone and third party vendors try their best to be accurate about the products sold in this online store. However, Affricanzone does not guarantee the accuracy of products especially products under the third party vendors to be error free, complete, and reliable. If a product sold under our online store is not accurate at all, contact Affricanzone or third party vendor within 2 -3 days for exchange or return. When returning products, customers are required to send back the products in unused condition and any sign of items being used will not be exchanged or refunded. Sellers are required to be as accurate as they can be about the products they sell under our multivendor store. If Affricanzone detect any false information about products, Affricanzone reserve the right to delete or disable the product, and may cause the account of the seller to be suspended indefinitely.


Prices of products under our online store are not fixed and the price can be changed at any tie without any notice. The price seen under the product may change until the customers order is placed. Customers are required to check the price again when paying for the products. Affricanzone and third party vendors hold the right to change the price at any time with any notice and reason. Discounts offered under our online can be deleted or changed at any time without notice; customers are responsible for checking the price before paying. 

Warranties and Liabilities

Products sold from Affricanzone or third party vendors are “As Is” and Affricanzone does not warranty of any kind. Products are sold as is and as available, what you see on the store is what you get. Affricanzone or third party vendors are responsible for any issues that happen when the customer uses products. Affricanzone and third party vendors are not liable for any damages of any kind that arise from the products sold in Affricanzone multivendor online store. All products sold under Affricanzone online store are virus free, or have any kind of harmful components in our products.

Privacy Policy

Affricanzone may disclose your personal information with our trusted third parties for a secure and fast processing reasons. Information disclosed may include your financial background and your contact information. We share this information with our payment merchant and our third party vendors in order to ship products directly to your address. The information we collect and share can vary depending on the receivers’ country or location. We might share your name, mobile number, email and address with third party vendors. Affricanzone process all payments through our accounts and all payment information is hold under our secure payment method. Information we share with third parties companies are disclosed for your privacy and are based on the agreement we have with them. All financial companies need to share consumers’ personal information to run their everyday business.

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